Friday, October 10, 2008

notice anything missing?

I tore down the shed yesterday evening, in preparation for tomorrow's activities.
It is now stacked not-so-neatly in our front lawn, waiting until I have the dump trailer tomorrow.

Here is a never-before-seen view of the house and backyard.  The shed would have been in the way before.
On the agenda for tomorrow: tear up and haul away asphalt driveway, rototill the entire backyard (grass areas included, if possible), spread 8 yards of horse manure compost in the backyard.  This is not the compost that I am brewing right now.  It's some stuff I'm purchasing from a horse boarding business in Sandy for $65 delivered!  It cost me that much for gas and car washing to get the 2 or 3 yards of goat manure last week.  Horse manure is a bit of a gamble because it is known to have more grass seed in it (horses don't have 5 stomachs like cows and can't digest as many seeds).  This compost, however, has been brewing for about 6 months, and I'm hoping that it got hot enough to kill any of the seeds, or at least most of them.


Andrew Stone said...

what is the number and name of the horse boarding business. I need Manure!

Michael Farnworth said...

Man Nate, I hate to see that nice shed go too... I would have painted it and moved it over to one corner but maybe because I am cheap... yes, yes it would be because I am cheap.
I have to admit the work you have done is good and in my younger years I would've been more game but now I look for the path of least resistance especially when it comes to yard and garden stuff. "Been there and done that" once too often. We will be there to visit tonight and will get to see "first hand" all that you have accomplished.