Sunday, October 19, 2008

compost pile(s): the new addition

If you look closely in this photo, you will see three different piles.  Closest to the camera is the aged horse manure, purchased a couple weeks ago and wheelbarrowed to its current location.  Next is THE compost pile.  We've been following this one closely.  It's still hot - I haven't measured the exact temp recently, but I have felt it with my hand, and it is uncomfortable to touch.  The newest one is the farthest away, against the back retaining wall.

This new one was built this past weekend as I leveled the back garden area.  I created it out of extra cinder blocks of varying sizes that I found around our lot and in our basement over the past several months.  This is going to be a long-term compost pile, probably maturing in a year or more, consisting of yard and garden debris and kitchen scraps.  We have only just started implementing a system for getting kitchen scraps out to the compost pile, and that will provide a large part of the fodder for this pile.  Yard and garden debris will also be added, but we won't have too much of these until next year.

Please note the rock pile in the corner.  It will continue to grow as I double-dig the vegetable beds (more on this later).  Also, take a look at the pear tree - the prolific and productive pear tree, now with no pears.  Thanks to Mike for harvesting.  I'm guessing we have about 50 pounds worth, ready to be canned or dehydrated this week as they ripen.  I guess it's time to learn about canning.

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Michael Farnworth said...

it was a pleasure harvesting the peaches for your family Nate... a pleasure.