Sunday, October 19, 2008

driveway digout

You may recall from this post that we had plans for a tractor to come last weekend to dig out the driveway.  It snowed, and the tractor man did not want to come.  So I bought a sledgehammer.  This is a picture from about a week ago.

I used that sledgehammer until I couldn't stand straight and my shoulder was in constant pain.  Then, with Terry (the homeless man who walked by as I was working and offered his services) I loaded the broken asphalt into my neighbors trailer and hauled it off to the dump.  Terry even scored a couple of beat up, broken bikes at the dump for free, and left them on our front porch until they disappeared at some point on Monday.  Getting rid of the driveway in this way was definitely cheaper than hiring someone on a tractor to take care of it, but my body has had to pay the price.  Here is the "after" shot:

And one more, a close-up of the driveway.  The plan is to work this soil a bit, then plant grass over the majority of it.

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