Sunday, April 19, 2009

new garden additions

Last summer, shortly after we moved in, we had our bikes stolen from our backyard. The perpetrators jumped the old chain link fence, through the bikes into the back of their truck, which was parked at the apartment complex next door, and took off. I was at the hospital. Camie was here alone. It was 3 am.

Since then, we've been wanting to build a new fence. It happened this weekend. Almost. I need about 10 more fence boards (you can see the section all the way at the back of the yard still needs filled in), and a new skillsaw (I think smoke coming out of the motor is a bad thing.) And some time for my left thumb to heal (exploded the tip with my hammer.)
Yesterday, while waiting for the posts to set, I built this little trellis for the peas. I ripped some 2x4's down the middle, shaped some points on one end, and pounded them in with a sledge hammer. Then I used some twine to make supports for the peas to climb up. I think the sugar snap peas should make it all the way to the top.

And, finally, a shot of the greenhouse - as wide angle as the camera on my iPhone goes. The opening at the back of the greenhouse - where you can see the trunk of the pear tree - was made a couple weeks ago. It was the same day I took my first tomato seedlings from the basement lights to the greenhouse. It was the same day it was 70 degrees with no clouds in the sky. I didn't open the door to the greenhouse. It probably got to over 100 degrees inside, and half of the seedlings died. Now there is permanent ventilation - at least until I build a new door to go there.


Michael Farnworth said...

Nice job on the fence Nate and I hope your thumb gets better. Its nice to see the pics of the garden and all your work...

Muum said...

always fun to find a Utah blog.... I am in the Ogden area. How are your peas doing? I have some planted in a pot (our garden is just now getting dry enough to work in), and they are growing along.

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Nate,

Looks like it is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing.

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