Sunday, October 19, 2008

fall garden update: peas

As mentioned in a previous post, I didn't have much hope for these peas.  In fact, I had dismissed them as finished once the snow hit.  But they are doing terrific.  They are quite short, which I am guessing is a function of the decreased amount of light available at this point in the season.  I assumed that once the weather turned, it would kill any blossoms and pods on the vine.  I was wrong.  There are quite a few pods.  My big mistake with these: I planted regular peas - I should have planted snap peas, which, I believe, take less time to mature.  I've eaten a few of these pods, and while the taste is quite good, the texture is pretty stringy.

So I'm amending my former statement.  I may end up trying fall peas next year, after all.

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Michael Farnworth said...

Nate I would love an update on your work and the story of Charles who helped you haul off the asphalt and then left a gift of his own in your front yard... God Bless him.
Thanks for letting me help with the pear harvest this past week and I will anxiously await more pictures of your evolving back yard!