Saturday, October 4, 2008

compost pile: day four

Yesterday I decided it was time to turn the pile.  The temperature was dropping just a bit - average of about 130 degrees over several places in the pile.  Plus, I was just anxious to turn it over and see what I would get.  Here is a before picture:

A close up after I knocked down one side:
After I finished turning the entire pile:
And one shot after just beginning the process:
Overall I feel pretty encouraged by the process.  I think I'll have some pretty nice compost in a couple weeks.

The planning process is ongoing.  I'm thinking about building a greenhouse (I don't know how I can avoid it, actually) and I checked out soil block makers online tonight.  Lots to think (and write) about.

p.s. - note to self: get the garlic planted!


P~ said...

The compost pile looks like it's cooking along well. You'll definitely have some good stuff for the garden next year.

michael said...

Pretty good stuff here Nate. Who would have ever thought that I would ever be following the cooking dynamics of a pile of goat turds and a murdered pine tree... go figure.