Sunday, October 19, 2008

clearing the back garden

This past weekend was my birthday, and my son's.  I took two days off of work, and spent the first of those two days finishing the driveway digout.  The rest of the weekend was spent playing in the mountains and on the golf course, and working the garden soil.  The following two photos were take from roughly the same spot - standing against the back fence and shooting towards the house.  This first one was taken after I tore down the shed - a few weeks ago:
And here it is on Sunday night:
I started laying out the vegetable beds - a very exciting time.  You can see them in the picture above, bordered by some tree branches.  Actually, I'm not totally set on my layout, so it will probably change.  After fueling up at The Village Inn as a final activity with our family this weekend, I used the cultivator to till the soil.  It was all lumpy-bumpy and uneven, so I smoothed it out, making it as level as I could before my arms and daylight wore out.

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Brian and Ally said...

That looks so good nate. What a difference! you've put in a crazy amount of work but it will be so worth it next summer when you will be able to reap the benefits.