Sunday, October 5, 2008

compost pile: still cookin'

I know the three or four of you who read this blog might be getting sick of compost pile posts, but too bad, here's another one.  We've had a lot of rain over the past couple days - it basically started right after I turned the pile over on Friday and hasn't stopped since.  So I was anxious to see how the pile faired.  

It did quite well.  The temperature read 125 degrees, but I only measured one spot and it was pretty superficial - so I'm sure it's hotter on the inside.  You have to either look really close or imagine it, but there is steam coming out of the disturbed compost:

I also took a few shots of the peppers - it's nice to see something green on the blog again.  First up is the habanero.  No, I haven't eaten any of these.  I did give my neighbor one, and I'll take his word for it that they are very hot.  These started turning orange a couple weeks ago:

Next up is the cayenne:


camie said...

agreed, the green is very nice.
lovin' the pepper pics!

michael said...

Yes, the colors are beautiful. Can I count on you to take a bite of the habanero pepper? I mean why grow it if you don't eat it? Maybe for your birthday ... add a little fire to the party.
You are doing a fine job Nate. Keep it up. I will look forward to feasting on your harvest in the years to come.