Wednesday, October 1, 2008

compost pile: day two

I know it's the same picture as I posted on Monday, but the pile still looks the same as it did then and I'm too lazy to take and then post a new pic.  

But I did measure the internal temperature: 140 degrees!  Excellent (try to channel Mr. Burns while you say it in your mind).  It should stay that hot for a few more days (I'll be checking it) and as it cools down to about 100 degrees, I'll turn the pile over and repeat the cycle.


Michael Farnworth said...

same picture... big disappointment...

Dan & Annie said...

Nate, you're still doing your residency right?
Dan and I haven't checked this blog for a while. You've been working hard in that yard of yours, wow. We especially like the 3D layout.
Once you start on the fruit trees you need to educate us on those. We want to get some planted up here. You're awesome, keep up the good work!