Monday, October 27, 2008

final backyard design

Over the weekend, with Joel's and Mike's help, I tilled most of the back garden, removed a whole lot of rocks, laid out the first beds and started spreading the composted horse manure.

So I'm now committed to the following layout, which you can see schematically represented below. Three sets of 3 pairs of beds. Each bed is 30" by 15', with a 12" path between them. Between each pair and each set is a 36" path. The idea is that 30" is small enough to straddle, and 36" is wide enough for a wheelbarrow. Each bed has a path next to it that is wide enough for a wheelbarrow or wagon and will thus be easily accessible for planting and harvesting.

Total square footage of vegetable planting beds will be a bit over 700, not including the front garden.


Michael Farnworth said...

I have bee impressed with all your work Nate and it is looking good. I will guess that next spring and summer will see it fully realized with your beds, green house, trees and bushes.
Continue to enjoy the process of bring life to your back yard!

Michael Farnworth said...

I guess I better read over my comments before I post them instead of after... hmmm.

Brian and Ally said...

looks great nate. good work. how is the fall garden doing?