Saturday, November 8, 2008

a-z: garlic planted Nov 8.

I've been putting off planting the garlic until one of the beds was ready to plant, and today was the day. I planted four different varieties: early red Italian, German brown, Chesnok red, silver white (aka Silverskin). My initial bias is towards the Chesnok red, which had a nice purple color and large cloves. These are shown planted in the picture below.
I planted all four varieties - two pounds total - in one bed, dimensions 15' x 30". It took 6 rows. I probably spaced them about 4-5 inches apart, even though 6" is recommended. I should cover them with straw, so I'll need to track down a bale of it somewhere.

I'm keeping my garden plan/journal on the computer via a combination of the blog and drawing on Google SketchUp. In this first image you can see the garlic planted in the front right bed.

In this one, a view from the top down showing the approximate locations of the garlic varieties.

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