Friday, November 28, 2008

garden progression

April (before we moved in)


October 12

October 27

November 28


Michael Farnworth said...

I love the "time elapsed" photography Nate... it puts everything into perspective and helps keep alive the memory of the majestic pine that once stood a silent guard over your home... but alas, the memory lingers bitter sweet and with time will fade.

I am happy the pictures will at least keep a remembrance, insubstantial as it may be. Thanks Nate.

Michael Farnworth said...

I was lying in bed last night thinking about your blog and yard and was impressed by all the work you have accomplished, most of it by hand.
You have put numerous hours into your project and it will be exciting to see it all come to fruition with the next year or two.
Keep working hard Nate and your dreams will become a gardening delight.