Sunday, September 21, 2008

the deed is done

All weekend long, Mike has been putting me through the guilt treatment for wanting to chop down these trees.  "If you're so green and organic, how can you kill a tree!?"  Fair enough.  We're killing these trees to make room for other trees - ones that will produce fruit, and make our yard look a ton better.  Here are the before and after shots:

I never thought that there would be so many branches.  Here's the pile.  Next stop: Diamond Rental for a wood chipper.  I can't imagine how big the pile of chips will be, and, once the manure and other ammendments are added, how big our compost pile will be.  We'll need it though, 'cause I've been brainstorming again, and more plans are around the corner:

Finally, here's the star of the show, in action.  Karson is Camie's cousin's boyfriend, and is awfully handy with a chainsaw: