Sunday, September 28, 2008

compost pile: raw material

Well, about 2/3 of the raw material, in the form of chopped up branches and weeds.  The branches were courtesy of the two trees removed last weekend, the weeds were from the hours of work we've put in clearing out the planting beds around the house. 

Here's a look at the trees as they stood last Saturday:

Then the big pile of branches left after they were chopped down:

And, finally, after a day and a half loading those branches into the limb chipper, having my forearms all scraped up, and getting more dirty than I've been in years, this is the pile we are left with.  It looks pretty small in these photos, but in reality is a big pile:

Next stop: Drake Goat Farms in West Jordan tomorrow afternoon to pick up the goat manure. Then form the pile and turn it every few days.


camie said...

good work babe!

Michael Farnworth said...

you are right... not a very impressive big pile from all of the "stuff" you had gathered. Good luck with the goat droppings!