Saturday, April 18, 2009

garden update as of 4/5/09

Here is a shot of the garden from Feb 22 - leaf mulch still on the beds, irrigation not yet in, and nothing in the ground except the garlic planted last fall:

Here is the most recent photo, though not current (Camie has the camera up in Idaho this weekend, so no new photos - but there's plenty to get caught up on). This was taken about two weeks ago. Garlic has sprouted, some lettuce has been transplanted, the artichokes are outside, and the peas are coming up:One major change that I'm working on this weekend. The chain link fence on the south side of the yard is coming down, and a cedar fence is being installed in its place. The cedar fence is being built right next to the retaining wall of the parking lot next door, so even though it will reduce the amount of southern sun slightly, it will also expand our yard by about 2.5 feet - or almost 200 square feet. And it will give us a little more privacy.

Artichoke update. These have been in the cold frame for about 6 weeks now, going through their first winter season. They are cold hardy down to 25 degrees, so could be transplanted at any time now:

A shot of the garlic bed. With the exception of maybe 3 or 4 cloves, all have sprouted and are doing quite well. This is a nice shot also of the fence that is no longer there. The new cedar fence will be about 2.5 feet to the right of this chain-link.

Peas and spinach. What spinach?! you might ask. Exactly. It should be next to the drip tubing on the right of the photo. It didn't really come up. Not sure why. The peas are doing well, especially the sugar snap peas, which germinated better and are slighty taller than the Oregon giants. The sugar snap peas start where the picture comes into focus - Oregon giants are in the immediate foreground. One other project this weekend is to get a trellis built for these:

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