Sunday, February 1, 2009

seedling updates: 2/1/2009

We have germination. A few of the artichoke seeds and a few of the leeks. Nice! The leeks will head out to the greenhouse maybe next weekend. Today's sunny weather made it about 70 degrees inside the greenhouse - and it was about 45 outside. Here's a shot of some artichokes:

And a tiny leek seedling:

I'm starting to figure out that space is at a premium under the lights. Two solutions. First is to use the small soil blocker - puts out 3/4" cubes. Once these have germinated, I will move them to 2" blocks that have a 3/4" insert, so the 3/4" cubes just fit right inside. I put the 3/4" blocks into 9" pie tins. Second solution: buy another light and some more trays.

I'm covering the pie tins with the 3/4" blocks because they will dry out much faster than the 2" blocks. Here's the complete setup right now.


Andrew Stone said...

Are those the artichoke seeds that I dropped off?

Nate said...

Hi Andrew -
Yes, some of the artichokes are the ones you dropped off. I also ordered a packet from FedCo, and planted some of those too. Truthfully, I can't remember which are which now. Thanks again.