Monday, December 22, 2008

garden plan: bed #2

Three main crops in this bed: soy beans, fava beans, and celery.

Celery is the first one I'll start, sowing the seeds indoors on March 1, to give them about 8 weeks before going in the ground on May first. Fava beans will be planted with the peas on March 15 as soon as the ground can be worked, then soy beans will be planted with the pole beans on April 26 or so.

Soy beans are one type of bean that Camie and I both love. Edamame. Mmmmmm. So I'm going for it with a half bed of them. Fava beans are an experiment. Never grown them before, never eaten them before. But they have a pretty good reputation. Celery. For soups and vegetable stock.

Now for the varieties:
Soybeans: Shirofumi (489FO) and Sayamusume (492SO)
Fava beans: Windsor (299WI)
Celery: Diamante Celeriac (3644DC) and Golden Self-Blanching (3631GS)

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